Cascades unveils new sustainable action plan

Monday, July 18, 2016

Cascades, a leader in recovery and in the manufacturing of green packaging and tissue paper products, has unveiled its four-year Sustainable Development Plan, set to roll out from 2016 to 2020.

According to Suzanne Blanchet, senior vice-president of corporate development, this third plan is a “natural continuation of the work begun in 2010” that weaves in priority issues identified by stakeholders during previous consultations.

“Thanks to our efforts, we finished 2015 with strong results: we used 2.7 times less energy and 6.5 times less water than the Canadian industry average, and we achieved the lowest accident rate in our history,” added Mario Plourde, president and chief executive officer of Cascades.

The new plan will focus on 10 action priorities subdivided into three areas:

  • Planet (energy, greenhouse gas and water use reduction, and increase of residual materials)
  • Prosperity (sustainable procurement, innovation and financial performance)
  • Partners (health and safety, employee engagement and community involvement)

The objectives of the 2016–2020 Sustainable Development Plan, along with the results of the 2013–2015 Plan, are available on the Cascades website at

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