EcoDistricts launches new sustainable framework

Thursday, May 12, 2016

EcoDistricts, a new model of urban regeneration to empower sustainable and resilient neighborhoods, has launched the EcoDistricts Protocol, a rigorous, process-based framework and performance standard designed to achieve vibrant community outcomes.

The new tool culminates more than five years of research, development and advisement from more than 100 diverse industry experts and 16 district-scale projects worldwide.

“How we build our cities is the biggest challenge and opportunity of our lifetime, said EcoDistricts CEO Rob Bennett, whose company is based in Portland, Oregon. “Success hinges on building robust public-private-civic partnerships, aligning leadership, and improving cross-sector collaboration to put people and planet at the center of every urban development decision.”

The Protocol, available for free download at is structured around three core areas:

  • THREE IMPERATIVES: Placing social, economic and environmental sustainability at the center of neighborhood initiatives. These include equity, resilience, and climate protection.
  • SIX PRIORITIES: A set of six rigorous goals, 49 objectives, and 94 indicators used to scope and define a district’s sustainability agenda. These include: place, prosperity, health + wellness, connectivity, living infrastructure, and resource restoration.
  • THREE IMPLEMENTATION PHASES: A framework that sets the conditions for sustained, scalable outcomes that address the Protocol’s Imperatives and Priorities and meet the specific needs of the district over time. These phases include formation, roadmap, and performance.

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