Heritage buildings to benefit from $5.8B funding

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced a spending boost of $5.8 billion for infrastructure projects including museums, research centres, heritage sites and other federally owned buildings.

The National Trust for Canada welcomed the news as many of these proposed yet-to-be-improved buildings are great Canadian landmarks.

“Canada’s towns and cities are full of examples where investment in heritage infrastructure has successfully generated economic vibrancy, as well as cultural and social benefits—all part of the recipe for resilient communities,” said Natalie Bull, executive director of the National Trust.

Financially, the breakdown consists of $2.8 billion to support infrastructure improvements, about $400 million to maintain, upgrade and construct federally owned buildings and $191 million to undertake renewal and repairs of heritage and museum sites.

With Canada’s Sesquicentennial coming up in 2017, the National Trust sees this investment as a way to cherish historic places which often celebrate local and diverse identities.

“Historic places are an excellent springboard for 2017 celebrations,” added Bull. “Funding and incentives for heritage infrastructure could be a powerful lever to save Canada’s history, keep tons of building material out of landfill, create employment and revitalize communities.”