How to stand out in a crowded market

Focus on content marketing
Tuesday, June 26, 2012
By Carl Friesen

Many property management companies have trouble getting noticed and demonstrating the added value they offer. Their leaders know that if they could find a way to demonstrate their difference, they would have their choice of properties to manage, with less price-based competition. They would also be more secure from other firms low-balling their way into their market.

Members of a condo board looking for management want a company that is able to protect the interests of their building’s owners and is able to offer the best advice on maintaining the value of their investment. They want to know their management company is current on ways to save energy and protect against water damage, fire, vandalism, burglary and other problems.

Rather than just telling condo boards (and the professionals who influence them, such as lawyers and accountants) that the property management company offers leading edge service, show it through the fast-growing practice of content marketing.

Effective content
To harness the power of content management to build a business, think of the issues that face condo corporations and their professional advisors today. Then think of the advice the company would give to deal with these issues and create content around that information. This content might take the form of a blog or newsletter, white papers, slide show, video or audio podcast. It is important to create this content in a variety of formats because everyone processes information differently.

The next step is to make the content available. Users can access content much easier if keywords and search terms used by people in the condo industry have been incorporated. Online tools like Google Adwords can help find effective and popular search terms. Be aware that search engines are becoming smarter and are likely to detect “keyword spamming,” which is the insertion of search terms and keywords just to attract online hits. But genuine use of the right keywords and phrases will help push legitimate content towards the top of searches.

If a company’s business is targeted at a specific region such as Southwestern Ontario or the Greater Toronto Area, be sure to include these keywords along with information related to the specific issues faced by condos in those parts of the country.

While content can be posted on a company’s website, consider getting information published in media relied upon by members of condo boards and professionals that advise boards of directors. This might include newsletters, websites and discussion groups. If the content is genuinely useful, the company hoping to post the content has disclosed its affiliation and its clearly not trying to sell services, the content will likely be welcome.

Content that works
What themes work best for demonstrating expertise?

There are several:

  • Trends: Consider a trend that is affecting the condo market such as the growth of mobile devices.
  • How to: Describe the procedure for achieving an outcome. For example, how to develop landscaping that does not require extensive watering.
  • How to work with: Advice on ways to gain good outcomes from a condo management company such as developing good information exchange using current technology.
  • Reviews: Provide an informed opinion on newly developed products or services.

Useful, relevant information that helps the user solve problems or achieve benefits is a powerful way of showing that a company is the go-to solution in its field.

Carl Friesen is principal of Global Reach Communications Inc. He helps business firms get noticed and stand out in a crowded market.

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