LEED v4 registration

Q2 shows growth for LEED v4 registration

Friday, July 22, 2016

LEED v4 registration was up during Q2, with four new projects registering under the latest version of the rating system, the Canadian Green Building Council (CaGBC) reports.

There is now a total of 25 LEED v4 registrations and one certification in Canada.

“We stand to make an even greater impact this fall when LEED v4 becomes the new gold standard for green buildings in Canada and internationally,” says Mark Hutchinson, vice-president of Green Building Programs for the CaGBC. “LEED v4 pushes the market forward through a more rigorous approach to green building, including increased transparency of building materials; higher thresholds for energy, water and waste; and the requirement of metering and reporting of energy use in certified buildings.”

The majority of LEED registrations for Q2, however, still fall under the old LEED system, with CaGBC reporting 81 certifications and 106 registrations between April 1 and June 30. Some of these projects include La Tour Deloitte in Montreal that earned LEED Platnium and University College of the North in Thompson, Manitoba and 66 Slater Street in Ottawa that both earned LEED Gold.

The current, cumulative total of LEED certified projects across the country now sits at 2,757. Here are the year-to-date-totals (up to June 30, 2016) by LEED certification level:

  • 25 LEED Certified
  • 59 LEED Silver
  • 73 LEED Gold
  • 16 LEED Platinum

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