Tanzania’s population boom spurs green project

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Since the Tanzania Green Building Council (TGBC) was created in January 2014, the organization has been on a mission to drive sustainable development in Tanzania’s built landscape.

One recently completed project is the Kigambuni Housing Estate located in Dar es Salaam, a city attracting an influx of people who cannot afford infrastructure.

Due to the city’s rapidly growing population, creating a healthy environment and resilient community is of upmost priority. 200 families will be welcomed with new sustainable and affordable homes.

Some features of these structures include the use of pre-fabricated materials, cut and brought to the site to ensure zero wastage. All walls from hydrofoam are recycled back again to make new walls.

Also, with swift urbanization comes the wrath of the “heat island effect,” where temperatures are significantly higher in urban areas as compared to rural areas. According to the TGBC, finishes on external floors help to combat this effect with good solar reflectivity to minimize external building temperatures. In addition, a pitch roof design with air gap and perforation in the roof cavity provides and an inexpensive method of insulative cooling.

@GreenA Consultants was the ESD lead consultant on this project and provides advisory and consultation assistance in areas of sustainability and achievement in various Green Building Certification

Tanzania witnessed the rise of its first green building in September 2014. The completion of Iconic Headquarters, a 10-storey commercial building ignited a momentum for other sustainable developments. This office tower was built to save an estimated 17,000 cubic metres per year in water and 21.2 per cent in energy.

The office tower was a collaboration between GreenA Consultants Pte Ltd, who was the lead ESD consultant on this project and Singapore BCA Green Mark.

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