Vent-free fireplaces

Easy on the eyes, wallet
Monday, January 21, 2013
By Tom Healy

Vent-free fireplaces represent the fastest growing segment of the fireplace industry. This is due to their flexibility of installation – no need for a chimney – and their exceptional safety record.

In the early years, and even up until recently, vent-free gas fireplaces were mainly installed as a way to heat a room or space, reducing central furnace settings and heating bills. By not sending all their heat up a chimney, vent-free units are able to transfer more than 90 per cent of their heat into the surrounding room, heating areas where and when people want heat without having to heat rooms they are not using.

With energy conservation and reducing waste more important than ever, vent-free fireplaces are now winning over designers and consumers for other reasons. Modern vent-free fireplaces have entered the marketplace with very clean burning technology and super high efficiencies – 28,000 BTUs capable of heating 1,000 square feet. The beauty of open flame designs and the addition of media tray and media tray options (fire objects) have fuelled a renaissance in this category. Without flue considerations and restrictions, architects and designers are more empowered than ever to create captivating, warm spaces with a focus on stunning fireplaces that are safe, efficient and affordable.

Vent-free fireplaces have come a long way since the original ‘fake log’ units. With the newest units featuring two viewing sides, remote control, clean lines, media tray options and unlimited surround possibilities, vent-free fireplaces have moved to a new level. Today, more rooms and environments than ever can enjoy the many benefits of having gas fireplaces.

Tom Healy is co-founder and president of Spark Modern Fires. A former custom home builder, Tom set out in 2003 to develop a product line and company that made it easier to use a gas fireplace as a design element. He can be reached at 1.866.938.3846.

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