An affordable remedy to a national crisis

Affordable housing shortages for working Canadians have hit critical levels in most major cities across Canada. For years, grim statistics of growing waitlists far outpacing the number of affordable rental units under construction have made headlines nation-wide. Despite the alarming numbers, not much in the way of viable, sustainable solutions have been presented. That is, until now...
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Boosting Canada’s low-income rental market

Affordability is a concern for many Canadians, but low-income rental households face the greatest set of challenges. With the federal election fast approaching, party leaders have been busy unveiling plans to tackle what is being dubbed an “affordable housing crisis.”

New and emerging trends in seniors housing

Older Canadians represent an increasingly important segment of the Canadian population for developers, organizations and property managers that provide housing. Not only will the number of Canadians over the age of 55 continue to increase over the next several decades, but this group possesses characteristics that are more diverse than any previous generation of seniors.
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GTA apartment market summary: Q2 2015

After a sluggish opening three months in the GTA, the second quarter rebounded convincingly to reach its fifth best quarter of all-time in dollar volume, totaling $3.6 billion
Toronto apartment towers

Reinvesting in Toronto’s aging rental towers

The Tower Renewal Project is a program to drive broad environmental, social, economic, and cultural change by improving Toronto's concrete apartment towers and the neighbourhoods that surround them. Home to a million people across the GTA, now is the time to reinvest in these vertical communities that have huge potential.
economic downturn has rental repercussions

Economic downturn has rental repercussions

With low oil prices and slow housing starts predicted to take their toll on the economy, what effects will they have on Alberta's rental market? Amit Grover of Colliers, Edmonton, shares his insights.

Addressing Ontario’s affordable housing crisis

Ontario’s affordable housing wait list continued to swell in 2014 with more than 3,600 applying for rent-geared-to-income (RGI) accommodations.
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Toronto’s condo market is more renter friendly

A new report by Urbanation suggests Toronto’s condo market is more renter friendly due to an influx of completed condos and the rise of new purpose-built rental apartments.

Modular apartments offer modern solutions

Modular apartments are gaining traction among building owners and tenants in cities across North America.

New apartment construction surges in Canada

Balliol Park, located on Davisville Road between Yonge Street and Mt Pleasant, is just one of Toronto’s new purpose-built apartment projects currently under construction.
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Fire safety fundamentals for seniors’ homes

The Quebec government has moved quickly to mandate sprinklers in seniors' homes following recommendations from Coroner Cyrille Delâge.
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The rise of the luxury rental

These days, more and more Canadians are seeking condo-quality accommodations without the hassle of ownership.
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Marketing your building upgrades

Renovating a rental property is more than an investment; it’s one that pays dividends. Aside from boosting the property’s value, it demonstrates a commitment to superior quality and gives tenants confidence that the property manager truly cares.

Purpose-built rental gains economic viability

A developer’s instincts for untapped demand underpin plans for new purpose-built rental housing in midtown Toronto. The proposed luxury building near the intersection of Yonge

Conversions fuel multifamily trend

Station on Whyte, a residential complex in Edmonton, is an example of an emerging trend in real estate that sees full condo-to-apartment building conversions on the rise in 2014.
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Growing demand for family-friendly apartments

According to statistics from Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, fewer than 30 per cent of all rental apartment units in downtown Toronto offer family-friendly apartments. By contrast, in neighbouring Mississauga more than 60 per cent of rental units provide two or more bedrooms.

The height of residential towers

Tall commercial towers are nothing new, but the last few years have seen an exceptional crop of super-slim residential buildings sprouting up in cities all over the world. From Manhattan to Mumbai, tall towers are as fashionable as they are effectual given advancements in engineering and the sophistication of modern building materials.