Environmental Management

Canadian energy saving prowess

GRESB reveals Canadian energy saving prowess

Sixteen Canadian organizations accounted for more than 337,000 megawatt-hours or nearly 42 per cent of electricity savings tallied in North America, while 162 GRESB participants in the United States delivered the remainder.
in-ground irrigation system

An untapped source of water savings?

Several seasons of wear and tear can impact the efficiency of a condominium’s in-ground irrigation system. How maintenance can help lower water bills.
energy efficiency

Energy efficiency from the ground up

Energy efficiency is more than just buzz—it's the future of the rental property industry. From older buildings getting retrofits to newer builds being outfitted with the latest technologies, it's either go green or get left behind.
Empty Room

Insight into window replacement in condos

Window replacement can be expensive, involved and intrusive. It's important to answer four questions before beginning this kind of project in a condo.
energy reporting

Toronto puts energy reporting proposal on pause

An energy reporting requirement for large buildings is likely coming to Toronto. The only question is: Will it come from the city or from the province?
environmental performance

BOMA BESt results show performance gains

BOMA BESt participants demonstrate long-term commitment to the environmental performance assessment program with a flurry of building re-certifications in 2014.
Green building

MURB sector favours alternative to BOMA BESt

Ontario's Certified Rental Building program adds green standards, while BOMA BESt's multi-residential participation rate declines.
Road to a city

Everyday ways to save

Statistics Canada research shows that Canadian households have reduced their energy consumption by approximately 20 per cent since the 1990s, suggesting that the environment has become a top priority across the nation. Yet there is still plenty of room for improvement.
Line of residential wheelie bins

Barrie to debate garbage collection for condos

Barrie condo owners might soon get relief from “paying double” for garbage collection. City Council has agreed to cost into its 2015 budget either rebating
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Ontario’s rental buildings are certifying green

FRPO’s Certified Rental Building (CRB) Program is fast becoming the quality assurance marker of choice for renters throughout Ontario. Developed in 2008, it is the only multi-residential certification program of its kind in North America
Road Salt

Road salt usage causing problems in Ontario

Property managers are using large amounts of road salt this winter. But overuse is taking its toll on their' pocketbooks and the environment.
Toronto Condos

FRPO introduces new environmental standards

The FRPO has introduced a set of environmental operating standards to ensure that homes are managed by companies committed to green activities.

Green strategies start at planning and design

Developers and communities are seeking opportunities to incorporate sustainable, green elements into their building planning and design.

Time to cut energy consumption and costs

Now is the time to curb energy costs as the Rent Increase Guideline is moving downward as fast as the price of hydro ...

Grey water technology flush with savings

Grey water recovery systems are starting to gain traction in commercial and multi-residential buildings because of their ...

Tips to prevent mould growth

Building management needs to understand what conditions are necessary for mould growth, so it can ultimately prevent it.
radon testing

Energy-saving checklist for facility managers

Here are seven strategies to reduce energy wastage.