human rights

Human rights decision applies to condominiums

A recent Ontario Human Rights Tribunal decision confirms housing provider obligations when harassment and discrimination occur in multi-res communities.
long-term care

A call for resources for lone elderly residents

These situations are rarely straightforward for property owners/managers juggling legal obligations to protect privacy, accommodate disabilities and ensure the health and safety of all building residents.
residential tenancy laws

Keeping up with residential tenancy laws

As the rental industry grows and changes, so do residential tenancy laws. Joe Hoffer, Partner Cohen Highley LLP, highlights three specific areas of concern.
Smiling woman holding a white banner with words " welcome refugees"

Welcoming Canada’s newest tenants

FRPO’s Mike Chopowick offers landlords important dos and don’ts for screening refugees as prospective tenants, and highlights a few goodwill initiatives.
building safety hazards

Foreseeable safety hazards spell liability

Beyond the occupier's duty of care — a responsibility that property owners bear toward inhabitants, visitors and trespassers — landlords are also employers subject to health and safety regulations.

B.C. offers flexibility for redevelopment

A proposed amendment to British Columbia’s Strata Property Act could make it easier for apartment developers to scoop up prime real estate in B.C.’s hottest neighbourhoods.
noise complaints

Kids in condos and noise complaints

The recent news report of a B.C. family moving to escape an ongoing fee issued by its strata council due to noise complaints has implications for Ontario.
Apartment Building

Balcony mishaps in residential towers

Most Canadian cities see up to ten residential high-rise balcony- and window-related accidents per year. Here is an inside look at why they happen and how to help prevent them.

Inside the Residential Tenancies Act

Given the critical rental housing shortages in Ontario, more emphasis should be placed on helping, and not hindering landlords through oppressive legislation.

Simple solutions for resolving tenant conflicts

All landlords and property managers encounter tenant conflicts at some point. Here are some simple solutions to help mitigate those disputes before you end up in a courtroom.

Canadian security strategy enlists landlords

Bill C-51, the proposed Anti-Terrorism Act, would give CSIS a broader mandate, including entry, search and installing equipment in buildings.
apartment roof

Latent defects and the law

When buying apartment buildings of older stock, buyers should beware of latent defects and know their rights within the law.
Home and apartment sales Canada

When residential tenants fail to pay

When it comes to collecting money owed as a result of non-payment of rent, for damage to a property or even for utilities, landlords are forced to attend small claims court. Here's what else they should do.

Balancing condo safety with privacy rights

Condominiums must walk a fine line to balance community safety with occupants' privacy rights.
Evicting tenants for repairs or renovations

Evicting tenants for repairs or renovations

When a B.C. landlord faces repairs or renovations in a rental building, the decision to evict an existing tenant to ...

Managing within the law

An employer may mean to provide its employees with fair employment contracts but when disputes arise, parties often disagree on the rights they ...

Social media guidelines for employers

It is the responsibility of employers to ensure the rules governing the use of social media are clear and widely understood. This means educating staff on a ‘responsible use of technology’ policy or code of conduct and ...