in-ground irrigation system

An untapped source of water savings?

Several seasons of wear and tear can impact the efficiency of a condominium’s in-ground irrigation system. How maintenance can help lower water bills.
digital strategy

Promoting your rental property today

To succeed in this modern marketplace, rental property managers need to embrace social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. They also need a comprehensive digital strategy.
rental housing industry

Does the rental industry have an image issue?

A recent survey conducted by FRPO sheds light on the public's ambivalent attitude toward the rental housing industry and the Ontario Government's policies shaping it
residential tenancy laws

Keeping up with residential tenancy laws

As the rental industry grows and changes, so do residential tenancy laws. Joe Hoffer, Partner Cohen Highley LLP, highlights three specific areas of concern.
Smiling woman holding a white banner with words " welcome refugees"

Welcoming Canada’s newest tenants

FRPO’s Mike Chopowick offers landlords important dos and don’ts for screening refugees as prospective tenants, and highlights a few goodwill initiatives.

Technology and the modern tenant

The way we search, rent, and live in apartments is changing thanks to ground-breaking internet technology. Whether you're a tenant looking for a unit or a landlord trying to rent one, success begins online.
Close up of hand with laptop and social media network icons

Maximizing your digital marketing strategy

With technology advancements making online experiences better than ever, many forward-thinking landlords and property management firms have already transitioned into the digital space, directing more dollars toward digital marketing and creating sophisticated websites that are responsive and mobile-friendly.
Select color swatch to paint wall

Marketing your building upgrades

Renovating a rental property is more than an investment; it’s one that pays dividends. Aside from boosting the property’s value, it demonstrates a commitment to superior quality and gives tenants confidence that the property manager truly cares.
Branding concept

Building a solid brand

Branding starts with one main tenet: people must be able to quickly and easily identify a company by how it presents itself to the world.
Business Women

Finding the right brokerage

When it comes to selling an apartment building, there are many factors property owners should consider before diving into the process. Among them, and probably the most important one on the list, is choosing the right brokerage to engage the right buyers.
Five high-rise buildings under construction

Tips for benchmarking your rental property

Owning and managing an investment property isn’t all about bricks and mortar and collecting rent cheques from tenants. Here are some tips for enhancing the resident experience via good benchmarking strategies.

Drones in real estate are now a reality

The use of drones in real estate sales and marketing is not just a gimmick. Videos and images can help show off a property and offer unique perspectives.
Woman apartment

How to fill apartment vacancies and find tenants

Property managers can fill apartment vacancies and find tenants by getting involved in the community, knowing their market and offering promotions.
New home

Apartment rentals rise in slow housing market

Apartment rentals are going up in the U.S. amidst a slow housing market. But experts question whether the same trend is occurring in Canada.
Baby boomers

New housing options for seniors in Canada

Baby boomers are living longer and staying healthier, making new housing options for seniors in Canada an exciting opportunity for developers.
student housing

Ditching student ghettos for luxury living

Canadian developers are learning that behind many young adults living in so-called 'student ghettos' are parents willing to pay for higher-end housing.

How to start networking like a pro

Networking means more than collecting piles of business cards; it is all about building strategic relationships.