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winter safety tips for condo managers

Five winter safety tips for condo managers

December has been seasonably mild, so winter safety tips may not be top of mind for condo managers. But now is a good time to prepare for coming weather.

Spate of condo blazes sparks safety campaign

A spate of condo blazes in Alberta has reignited conversations about the perennial fire safety risk posed by cigarettes in multi-residential buildings.
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Balcony mishaps in residential towers

Most Canadian cities see up to ten residential high-rise balcony- and window-related accidents per year. Here is an inside look at why they happen and how to help prevent them.
Building security

How building design influences condo security

Condominium security and the management of security services can be challenging if the three main bodies that govern the service (the condo board, property manager
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Fire safety fundamentals for seniors’ homes

The Quebec government has moved quickly to mandate sprinklers in seniors' homes following recommendations from Coroner Cyrille Delâge.
Disaster Prepardness Plan

Effective disaster management for condos

The massive floods that occurred in southern Alberta and the Greater Toronto Area in 2013 are just a few examples of the rising prevalence of natural
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Detecting marijuana grow operations

Marijuana grow operations can be the gateway to health, safety and financial risks that endure long after criminal activity is discovered and shut down.Rental housing operators often suffer the consequences, and a recent report to the Alberta government suggests they should be more proactively involved in detecting grow operations on their properties.
Apartment balconies

Restoring balcony slabs and railings

Weather damage can severely damage balcony slabs and railings. CMCH's Gasparro outlines the repairs required at one Ottawa apartment.

The importance of proper fire safety planning

The tragedy in L'Isle Verte, Que. calls attention to the importance of proper fire safety planning and installing prevention systems for all residences.

Fire safety planning

For building managers, a thorough and up-to-date fire safety plan is vital for both the safety of occupants and the preservation of the premises.

Residential managers troubleshoot in flood zone

Emergency plans should account for tenants' potential lack of preparedness and their need for information when ...

Fires in multi-suite residential dwellings

The NRC recently completed a study that provides a better understanding of how fires develop and spread ...

Smart meter flare-up

Fire departments in Ontario have been asked to report fires or explosions associated with electrical meter installations to the Office of the Fire Marshal ...

Information security

By 2020, information security will become the key enabler in allowing organizations to operate in a highly collaborative world where workers can utilize any device they want and run virtual applications (or "apps") that are hosted and secured ...