cash flow

Understanding the Importance of Cash Flow

Brian Kimmel, Assistant VP of Commercial Financing at First National, explains why cash flow can be a fairly misunderstood concept, especially among novice investors.
Smoke at sky of morning city. Big fire at apartment house.

Post-Fire Restoration

For residents of a three-storey apartment building in North Vancouver, December 7th, 2011 was just like any other day—that is, until a fire broke out
Luxurious living room with with television set

Higher Rents, Better Returns

Many apartment owners often wonder about strategies that they can use to justify higher rents in their buildings. They are often looking for a way
apartment market

Financing Capital Improvements

First National Financial LP provides apartment owners with tips and insights for financing capital improvements to upgrade building quality.
apartment construction

New Construction Financing

New rental construction is a hot topic these days, but the headlines don’t tell the whole story. Construction financing is complicated and only a small percentage of deals are truly viable. Find out what three key considerations govern all successful financing outcomes.