Tenant Relations

human rights

Human rights decision applies to condominiums

A recent Ontario Human Rights Tribunal decision confirms housing provider obligations when harassment and discrimination occur in multi-res communities.
in-ground irrigation system

An untapped source of water savings?

Several seasons of wear and tear can impact the efficiency of a condominium’s in-ground irrigation system. How maintenance can help lower water bills.
digital strategy

Promoting your rental property today

To succeed in this modern marketplace, rental property managers need to embrace social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. They also need a comprehensive digital strategy.

Ontario opens way to inclusionary zoning

New inclusionary zoning legislation in Ontario could soon give municipalities the power to require that builders include affordable housing units in all new residential developments. If passed, the Promoting Affordable Housing Act, 2016, will be the first of its kind in Canada and could take effect in early 2017, if not sooner.
long-term care

A call for resources for lone elderly residents

These situations are rarely straightforward for property owners/managers juggling legal obligations to protect privacy, accommodate disabilities and ensure the health and safety of all building residents.
residential tenancy laws

Keeping up with residential tenancy laws

As the rental industry grows and changes, so do residential tenancy laws. Joe Hoffer, Partner Cohen Highley LLP, highlights three specific areas of concern.

Technology and the modern tenant

The way we search, rent, and live in apartments is changing thanks to ground-breaking internet technology. Whether you're a tenant looking for a unit or a landlord trying to rent one, success begins online.

Managing your property as an asset

For years, the purpose-built rental  industry has followed the same general practises. As building managers, developers and financiers, we tend to focus on the lease-up,
Empty Room

Insight into window replacement in condos

Window replacement can be expensive, involved and intrusive. It's important to answer four questions before beginning this kind of project in a condo.
Apartment Building

Balcony mishaps in residential towers

Most Canadian cities see up to ten residential high-rise balcony- and window-related accidents per year. Here is an inside look at why they happen and how to help prevent them.
Road to a city

Everyday ways to save

Statistics Canada research shows that Canadian households have reduced their energy consumption by approximately 20 per cent since the 1990s, suggesting that the environment has become a top priority across the nation. Yet there is still plenty of room for improvement.
property manager

Renters expect condo-quality services

A recent online survey conducted by RentShare found that even though convenience features like in-suite laundry facilities and access to parking still score high among tenants, the biggest pet peeve of the modern renter is not having access to quality services.
Five high-rise buildings under construction

Tips for benchmarking your rental property

Owning and managing an investment property isn’t all about bricks and mortar and collecting rent cheques from tenants. Here are some tips for enhancing the resident experience via good benchmarking strategies.
Electronic cigarette

E-cigarette debate heats up in Canada

With the popularity of e-cigarettes on the rise in Canada, the question of whether property managers will consider these ‘smokeless’ alternatives to be part of their general smoking policy is still up for debate.
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Constructive condominium dispute resolution

Feuding neighbours may go on living in the same building post-conflict. Here are seven steps for constructive condominium dispute resolution.
Home and apartment sales Canada

When residential tenants fail to pay

When it comes to collecting money owed as a result of non-payment of rent, for damage to a property or even for utilities, landlords are forced to attend small claims court. Here's what else they should do.
Woman apartment

How to fill apartment vacancies and find tenants

Property managers can fill apartment vacancies and find tenants by getting involved in the community, knowing their market and offering promotions.