Financial Management

performance management

Building a performance management system

Performance management systems in facility management can take many forms, from simple operations and maintenance plans and spreadsheets to complex integrated technology systems. These systems
Integrated workplace management systems

New gen of IWMS targets facilities challenges

A guide to the who, what and why of rolling out the latest generation of integrated workplace management systems (IWMS).
cleaning services

Toronto pilots office modernization program

In a bid to optimize its real estate portfolio, the City of Toronto has kicked off a pilot office modernization program with a target of 10 to 15-per-cent cost savings.

Do research before rolling out new facilities tools

The search for tech solutions that will address all priorities competing for limited capital has led some to put the technology “cart before the horse”.

ASHRAE rebuts new thermal comfort research

ASHRAE says new research suggesting its thermal comfort standard relies on a gender-biased model is an incorrect interpretation.
aging structures

Aging structures on financially shaky ground

Heritage Canada's annual list of endangered places is both an inventory of landmarks at risk and a commentary on social trends and economic dilemmas that undermine efforts to productively preserve significant buildings.
case study capital planning at cfb esquimalt

Case study: Capital planning at CFB Esquimalt

VFA Canada's Susan Anson recently shared how CFB Esquimalt, Canada's west coast navy base, developed a mission-centred capital planning model.

Five ergonomic must-haves to budget for

An ergonomist helps narrow down the vast array of ergonomic products and services that are available to a list of five must-haves this year.

Small businesses underestimate data breach risk

One-third of Canadian small business leaders said in a survey that they have no protocol in place for storing or disposing of confidential information. But there are simple steps they can take to mitigate their data breach risk.
Work from home

How to find the right mix of workplace choice

The recent popularity of flexible spaces doesn’t mean traditional spaces should be abandoned altogether. Indeed, that there isn’t one perfect model for the workplace was

Workloading to lower cleaning costs

Most school administrators must grapple with the question of whether they’re paying too much for cleaning — usually when budget time comes around. And since

Returns on repositioning aging buildings

Whatever the strategy, value enhancement is the rationale for repositioning aging buildings.
Carbon monoxide gas stove

4 tips to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning

To keep building occupants and staff safe, here are four tips to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning that property managers need to know.
Work from home

Choice key to unlocking wider flex-work benefits

Researchers say offering employees choice in work location may be key to unlocking the wider-ranging benefits of flex work.

Five finance tips for facility managers

Remembering commonly missed costs and crafting clear budget packages are some of the finance tips for facility managers outlined by a panel of experts.
Asset Data

Maintaining accurate facility asset data

Maintaining accurate asset data can help facility managers develop long-term plans, extend building and infrastructure life and justify spending requests.
Union Station Revitalization

Union Station revitalization runs up costs

Toronto is taking steps to improve its cost estimate process after the Union Station revitalization faced a $80 million funding shortfall.