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Five office hot spots for hidden germs

What are some overlooked sources of cross-contamination in the workplace? An expert identifies common culprits along with sanitation tips.

Bundling facilities management services

Why are many firms increasingly bundling outsourced services in the real estate and facilities management industry? Julie Sullivan shares her insights.
Business Meeting

Five change management strategies to remember

What are change management strategies that leaders can use to transition a business to a desired future state? Meredith Thatcher explains.
Building security

Managing fit-out work in high-security facilities

What special considerations must be made when managing construction in high-security facilities? Daniel De Monte explains.
Gavin Bajin

Improve waste diversion in the workplace

How can centralized recycling stations help improve waste diversion and streamline its collection? Gavin Bajin of ServiceMaster Canada explains.
Ingrid Bartlett

Amenities to attract and retain employees

What amenities are companies integrating into the design of facilities to attract and retain employees? Inger Bartlett of Bartlett & Associates explains.

Extending office ergonomics to remote workers

How can organizations promote office ergonomics to employees working from home? Professional ergonomic consultant Aaron Miller explains.
Ron Wretham

Managing the disposal of confidential documents

How can facility managers ensure the secure disposal of confidential documents? Ron Wretham of Investigative Solutions Network explains.
Michel Theriault

5 tips for creating effective occupant surveys

What are the elements of an effective occupant survey? Michel Theriault of Strategic Advisor offers his expert advice.

Can peer pressure promote water efficiency?

What lessons can facility managers glean from California's recent behavioural water efficiency program? Klaus Reichardt of Waterless Co. explains.
Wendy Burgess

Strategically scheduling lease verification

When is the best time to perform a lease verification? Wendy J. Burgess of Ellington Tenant and Facilities Services offers her expert advice.
Daniel De Monte

Managing asbestos during tenant fit-outs

What are the requirements for managing asbestos during tenant fit-outs? Daniel De Monte of the Flat Iron Building Group explains.

Transitioning to an outsourced service provider

What can a buyer organization do to smooth the transition to an outsourced service provider? Julie Sullivan of KPMG's advisory practice explains.
Ray Eleid

Scheduling elevator maintenance inspections

How often should elevator maintenance inspections be undertaken? Ray Eleid of Solucore Inc. offers his expert opinion.

Calling in external consultants

What should a facility manager expect from a consultant during a capital project? Georgina Voultsos of Buchan, Lawton, Parent Ltd. Consulting Engineers explains.
Wendy Burgess

How lease verification can lead to rent savings

What exactly is lease verification? Wendy Burgess of Ellington Tenant and Facilities Services explains how the process may lead to future rent savings.
Rick Galbraith

Shopping for office furniture on a budget

What key qualities of office furniture should never be sacrificed for savings? The Global Group's Rick Galbraith provides his expert opinion.