Financial Management

technology trends

Eight technology trends that could impact CRE

Eight technology trends have recently been flagged in a new global report, spanning various regions and industries, including real estate.
performance management

Building a performance management system

Performance management systems in facility management can take many forms, from simple operations and maintenance plans and spreadsheets to complex integrated technology systems. These systems
Gen Z

Preparing the workplace for Gen Z

If organizations want to be ready when Gen Z enters the workforce five years from now, it’s time to start designing with this demographic cohort in mind, says Kay Sargent.
gender equality

Push for gender equality in CRE industry

The struggle for gender equality in the Canadian workplace is a matter of priority as recent studies reveal a lack of women in corporate leadership roles.

A checklist for setting condo budget priorities

The condo budget may not be sexy, but it's very important as the corporation's financial plan. A senior property manager offers tips for setting priorities.

Leadership development termed vital expense

When it comes to leadership development, bigger companies aren’t always better, states the Conference Board of Canada’s first leadership benchmarking study.

Real estate industry ponders new government

Real estate owners, managers and investors contemplate the impact of the surprising change in Alberta's provincial government.
cap-and-trade costs

Utilities flagged for cap-and-trade costs

Ontario's greater reliance on natural gas heating will likely make cap-and-trade charges more noticeable than they have been thus far in Quebec.

Academic boost for real estate professionals

REALpac's new Real Property Investment Certificate responds to industry demand for continuing education.
Presenters and panellists at the REALpac/IPD Canada Real Estate Investment Forum in Toronto. Photo courtesy of REALpac.

An upside to declining investment returns

Canada's real estate cycle wanes in 2014, but REITs are on the upsurge.

Retail market trends on the GTA horizon: report

The demand for office property fueled a $10.3 billion investment surge in commercial sectors across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) during 2014 and retail investment

Workloading to lower cleaning costs

Most school administrators must grapple with the question of whether they’re paying too much for cleaning — usually when budget time comes around. And since

Returns on repositioning aging buildings

Whatever the strategy, value enhancement is the rationale for repositioning aging buildings.

Some progress in cutting commercial tax rates

Commercial tax rates in Toronto and Montreal continue on inverse trajectories even though ratepayers in both cities carry a disproportionately higher share of the overall

Profit brings risk for condominium corporations

Federal scrutiny of tax exemptions could make profit risky for condominium corporations, industry and professional associations.
Queen's Park

Ontario budget fuels real estate investment

The Ontario government's proposed provincial pension and public investment management agency would create a pool of capital to be directed to real estate.

Five finance tips for facility managers

Remembering commonly missed costs and crafting clear budget packages are some of the finance tips for facility managers outlined by a panel of experts.