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  • Factory Square

    Former Blackberry plant now Factory Square

    Sometime this fall, a former Blackberry manufacturing plant turned light-infused office building will open its doors to companies in a Waterloo, Ontario area branded as
  • fibre optic

    Fibre-optic internet shifts real estate industry

    Buildings with access to fibre optic office space have a competitive advantage compared to assets without this amenity.
  • Brexit ripple effects

    Canada could see some Brexit ripple effects

    Uncertainty in the United Kingdom and European Union could further accentuate the attractiveness of Canadian real estate, but doesn't alter the perception that this is a difficult market to penetrate.

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  • electricity rate relief

    Ontario attempts electricity rate relief

    Shifts in the allocation of Ontario's Global Adjustment will benefit some electricity customers and further burden others, but proactive commercial real estate owners/managers are poised to be among the winners.
  • retail plaza

    ReDev Properties sells Edmonton retail plaza

    ReDev Properties Ltd., has sold Trail South Corners, a 29,024-square-foot retail plaza in Edmonton, Alberta.
  • Canadian energy saving prowess

    GRESB reveals Canadian energy saving prowess

    Sixteen Canadian organizations accounted for more than 337,000 megawatt-hours or nearly 42 per cent of electricity savings tallied in North America, while 162 GRESB participants in the United States delivered the remainder.