Financial Management

Macdonald Block

How to start an energy-saving campaign

A property manager walks through how condo boards can combat rising utility bills by starting an energy-saving campaign.

A checklist for setting condo budget priorities

The condo budget may not be sexy, but it's very important as the corporation's financial plan. A senior property manager offers tips for setting priorities.

Demystifying condominium reserve fund studies

Reserve fund studies can be a sensitive topic for property managers, unit owners or board members. An expert shares common problems and possible solutions.

The long-term costs of lowering maintenance fees

Maintenance fees are currently a hot topic. Some suggest lower fees improve affordability and resale value; others warn of potential long-term consequences.
cap-and-trade costs

Utilities flagged for cap-and-trade costs

Ontario's greater reliance on natural gas heating will likely make cap-and-trade charges more noticeable than they have been thus far in Quebec.

Budget prep for condo managers

Each year, every condominium corporation requires a budget to be prepared, approved and circulated to unit owners. This is both for information and transparency purposes,

Profit brings risk for condominium corporations

Federal scrutiny of tax exemptions could make profit risky for condominium corporations, industry and professional associations.
Carbon monoxide gas stove

4 tips to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning

To keep building occupants and staff safe, here are four tips to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning that property managers need to know.
Financial Management

Safeguarding a non-profit condo’s status

A non-profit condo corporation could lose its status if it generates income from activities that are not incidental to its overall non-profit activities.
Reserve Fund

Planning to ensure reserve funds are adequate

Condo boards must plan ahead and undertake studies to ensure than reserve funds are adequate for future major capital repairs and replacements.

U.S. Realtors want FHA condo rules relaxed

A majority of U.S. condos are being denied FHA-approval due to what the industry has deemed unnecessarily strict requirements.

Five tips for struggling condo corporations

Five tips for newly-elected directors trying to put a struggling condominium back on track.
Cash money

When condo corporations borrow money

When the directors of a condominium corporation determine that it’s in their best interest to borrow money, the loan transaction is somewhat unique.

Continuous rise of reserve fund contributions

There are many reasons why contribution levels must increase, including unexpected issues, rising costs ...

Employers enlisted to prompt workers’ savings

Quebec’s voluntary retirement savings plans (VRSPs) to capture workers not formally enrolled in company pension or group retirement savings plans.

Computerized maintenance management systems

A computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) assists property managers in the daily coordination of repair efforts. With the emergence of cloud-based “software as a service,” an online CMMS has emerged, allowing residents ...

Annual funded ratio

A good way to assess the health of a reserve fund is to use an annual funded ratio (AFR) – the three-year moving average from the reserve fund starting ...