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  • Pasadena Apartments

    Pasadena Apartments to become upscale condos

    The entrance to the Pasadena Apartments may be one of few exterior clues as to the interior restoration that will transform the heritage-designated building.
  • board positions

    Courts taking note of unreasonable positions

    Courts are taking note of aggressive or unreasonable positions adopted by boards of directors, as the Couture v. TSCC No. 2187 case showed.
  • in-ground irrigation system

    An untapped source of water savings?

    Several seasons of wear and tear can impact the efficiency of a condominium’s in-ground irrigation system. How maintenance can help lower water bills.

Must Reads

  • electricity rate relief

    Ontario attempts electricity rate relief

    Shifts in the allocation of Ontario's Global Adjustment will benefit some electricity customers and further burden others, but proactive commercial real estate owners/managers are poised to be among the winners.
  • University District

    Calgary’s University District gets LEED Platinum

    Calgary’s University District is the largest residential project in Canadian history to earn LEED Platinum certification for Neighbourhood Development.
  • Metro Vancouver

    Metro Vancouver home sales fall 22.8 per cent

    For the second month in a row, home sales in Metro Vancouver have slowed considerably, returning to more typical levels for the month.