Fort McMurray

Property Disaster Management at Fort McMurray

Two months after the Fort McMurray wildfires began, they were deemed under control thanks to the efforts of responders, including FirstOnSite Restoration.

Repair Pipes Without Disrupting Residents

Repair Pipes Without Disrupting Residents
spring cleaning

5 Spring Cleaning Tips to Refresh Your Property

Spring has officially arrived! Here are five necessary steps to tackle your spring cleaning to-do list and refresh your property.
crime scene clean-up

Trauma Scene Clean-up

When it comes to trauma and crime scene clean-up, only the professionals can be trusted to connect the many administrative dots with due-diligence, authority and much-needed compassion.
flooding  modern interior loft in the evening. 3d concept design.

In the Wake of a Flood

On July 8, 2013, the GTA was hit was with a torrential rainstorm. Flood damage was deemed the province’s most expensive natural disaster by the
Hands with Computer Tablet and Emergency Evacuation Plan

In the Event of an Emergency

Summer can be a tumultuous season, with torrential rain storms creating flash floods and wreaking havoc on buildings. For condominium managers, being prepared for all scenarios is the best way to avoid major damage.
cut energy consumption with sub-metering

Cut Energy Consumption with Sub-metering

Sub-metering hands over control of the energy bill to the consumer, creating a direct financial incentive to reduce consumption and leading to economic and environmental benefits.
business continuity

Before Disaster Strikes

Emergencies happen when you least expect them. From floods and burst pipes, to fires and severe damage caused by extreme weather, planning for the worst is the best way to recover after a major disaster.