Bill 106

Five ways Bill 106 will facilitate e-governance

Bill 106 is written with modern realities in mind — at a time when software is eating the world. The condo industry is about to experience the same.
annual general meeting

Advertise your annual general meeting

It’s possible to run an annual general meeting in which an informed constituency of condo residents comes forth to participate. Here's how.
Solar panels

Pros and cons of solar panels on apartments

Solar power generation is a green way to reduce energy costs. But there are pros and cons of solar panels when it comes to apartment buildings.

Creating a data governance policy

Here are four steps to help a company manage its data assets.

Electric cars have developers charged up

As electric vehicles become more popular, the building industry is starting to look at how it can accommodate ...

Capitalizing on solar’s gain

The process of adding solar panels to a building's roof or adjacent land can be made much simpler and less expensive than what is probably thought.

Gaining ‘app’titude

Many industry insiders and advocates are now urging building managers and operators to make better use of their smartphones.

Intellectual properties

Building automation systems enable buildings to generate limitless data and information on nearly every aspect of a building and then share it among systems to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire facility.

Noise solutions that work for other industries

Sound masking technology distributes an engineered sound throughout a space, providing precise control over the background level. It is designed to mask human speech and also covers up or reduces the impact of other types of noises.

New smartphone app prevents fraud

Scam Detector is a free smartphone application that exposes in detail more than 550 of the world’s most notorious scams. The company behind the app also updates it regularly with the newest scams.

Wireless, paperless and effortless

Concierge Plus is an online community portal designed to help property management carry out specific administrative tasks while connecting to residents ...

Building automation can save energy

Energy efficiency in highrise multi-residential buildings can be achieved through a variety of retrofits. However, one method that is often overlooked is ...

Computerized maintenance management systems

A computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) assists property managers in the daily coordination of repair efforts. With the emergence of cloud-based “software as a service,” an online CMMS has emerged, allowing residents ...

Saying goodbye to T12 fluorescents

Since the first Canadian energy efficiency regulation that phased out a handful of inefficient general service fluorescent lamps (GSFL) was introduced in 1995, there has been steady progress in the availability of more efficient lighting solutions ...

Improving water efficiency

There are many aging irrigation systems that operate ineffectively. Thankfully, advances in technology mean many of the inefficiencies can be reduced or ...

High-performance building approach to condos

In recent years, environmental regulations, new innovations and higher energy costs have raised the bar on green buildings and provided economic incentives ...

Cloud computing

Cloud computing is a popular concept these days for both large and small businesses as it provides many benefits over traditional internal server-based ...