Health & Safety


Radon in buildings is a major health concern

Radon in buildings is a significant health concern recognized by Health Canada and the World Health Organization. According to Health Canada, approximately 16 per cent

Working at heights standard takes effect in April

A new working at heights training standard aimed at preventing deaths and critical injuries in the Ontario construction sector takes effect April 1.
Road construction

Construction safety requires leadership

Developing and implementing a safety culture in the workplace requires much more than just rules and regulations; it requires leadership.
Construction Safety

Why consider pre-qualifying contractors

A property management company has a health and safety program in place; its employees are well-trained and aware of the hazards they face in the

The role of an OHS prime contractor in Alberta

The role, function and responsibilities of an OHS prime contractor is becoming better understood as the industry gains comfort with the concept.
Construction Safety

Investing in workplace safety

All businesses take on risks to save time and money. But some risks, like those relating to the workplace safety, are just not worth the gamble.

Criminal negligence law can devastate businesses

Canada's Bill C-45 established new legal duties that apply to workplace health and safety; but too few organizations are aware of its potential impact.