Hotel Arts

The bold and chic design for Hotel Arts

Art is one of many design aspects to a hotel, but it’s not usually the primary driving inspiration. For Hotel Arts in Calgary, its unique art-centered aesthetic has set it apart in the marketplace.

Designing for an aging population

With an aging population, health and wellness in the design process is becoming increasingly important. The built environment (private or public) can have significant impacts

Waterfront hotel completes renovation

Located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel is well known for offering guests breathtaking views of the surrounding coastal mountains, harbour water and urban skyline.
Hotel Lighting

Energy-efficient hotel lighting strategies

Hotels are increasingly turning to energy-efficient LED technology as part of their lighting and design strategies.

Sexy steakhouse

Opened in late October 2011, Black and Blue is an impressive 12,000-square-foot specialty steakhouse in Vancouver.