Clean Matters

janitorial cart

Nine tips for finding the perfect janitorial cart

For custodial workers, janitorial carts are necessary items that improve worker productivity and boost morale.
floor finish

The value of applying a floor finish

Some facilities no longer apply protective finishes to floors due to time, cost and environmental issues. Here are some healthy and manageable options.
dance floors

Steps for keeping dance floors clean and safe

A veteran in the professional cleaning industry offers insight into cleaning and maintaining dance floors.
parking lots

Measures to target oil pollution in parking lots

Kevin Daum, founder and president of Save the Oceans Inc., explains how building owners can responsibly mitigate damage from oil in parking lots.

Five condo landscaping tips for limited spaces

Properties landlocked in the downtown core may have limited green space to work with. An expert offers condo landscaping tips for making the most of it.
Indoor Swimming Pool

Ionization systems in commercial pools add value

Although sun-filled days of idling by the pool may be long gone until next summer, facility managers and building owners must still maintain commercial spas

Evaluating carpet-cleaning equipment

With scores of manufacturers, machines and models, selecting carpet-cleaning equipment can be confusing. Debby Davis decodes key factors to consider.
Sink drain

How to get rid of and prevent drain flies

How can staff and tenants get rid of and prevent drain flies? Dan McCabe of Magical Pest Control offers his expert advice.
Gavin Bajin

Improve waste diversion in the workplace

How can centralized recycling stations help improve waste diversion and streamline its collection? Gavin Bajin of ServiceMaster Canada explains.
Snow melt

Prevent flooding caused by snow melt

What steps can property owners take to prevent flooding caused by snow melt? Kevin Wong of the Canadian Institute of Plumbing & Heating explains.
Pest infestation

How to spot and prevent pest infestations

What are the early signs of a pest infestation, and what steps should be taken once one is identified? Dan Dawson of Orkin Canada offers his expert advice.
Ray Eleid

Scheduling elevator maintenance inspections

How often should elevator maintenance inspections be undertaken? Ray Eleid of Solucore Inc. offers his expert opinion.
Anita Wiklem

Winter matting doesn’t need to be an eyesore

How can winter matting be designed to serve its function with style? Anita Wiklém, creative director at Wiklém Design Inc., offers her expert opinion.

The benefits of ‘green’ paint

Shayne Butcher of the Calibre Group of Companies explains how recycled and environmentally-friendly paints differ from their regular counterparts, and why they may be a good choice for a property owner's next project.
Gavin Bajin

How to nip indoor allergens in the bud

Do allergens affect indoor air quality? ServiceMaster Canada's director of business services, Gavin Bajin, weighs in.

The green alternative to traditional asphalt

The Planning Partnership's Karen Leasa and Michael A. Ormston-Holloway explain what permeable pavement can offer property managers and developers.

Stair railings a necessary safety feature

When should stairwell railings be updated? Dennis Parolin, president of Dufferin Iron & Railings, provides insight.