• Olympic host cities

    Heat shrinks future pool of Olympic host cities

    Health researchers project that Calgary and Vancouver will be among just three suitable North American locations to host the Summer Olympics by 2085 due to the risks of outdoor activities in intense heat.
  • Germany flags

    Germany tops energy efficiency scorecard

    No country is a candidate for the Dean's list, but Germany tops the rankings of 23 countries that account for three quarters of world energy consumption with a score of 73.5 out of 100. The average score is 51, although eliminating Saudi Arabia's exceptionally low performance would push it up to 53.
  • environmental performance indicators

    Environmental performance indicators surveyed

    A companion metric to the Global Real Estate Transparency Index, the Sustainability Transparency Index uses a different scoring system tied to the availability of voluntary or compulsory methods of demonstrating a building's energy and environmental performance.

Hot Topics

  • TDSB

    TDSB faces $3.4-billion renewal needs backlog

    The Toronto District School Board (TDSB) has offered a window into its renewal needs backlog by releasing facilities data for each of its school buildings.
  • worker safety

    Case clears air for more worker safety training

    A recent court decision to fine a property maintenance company for not protecting employees reveals health and worker safety training is still lacking.
  • Real estate status

    Real estate status upgrade heralds new investors

    The reclassification from an industry group within the financials sector formally occurs on September 1, and will also introduce a new term for real estate investment trusts (REITs), which will become known as Equity REITs.

Must Reads

  • electricity rate relief

    Ontario attempts electricity rate relief

    Shifts in the allocation of Ontario's Global Adjustment will benefit some electricity customers and further burden others, but proactive commercial real estate owners/managers are poised to be among the winners.
  • University District

    Calgary’s University District gets LEED Platinum

    Calgary’s University District is the largest residential project in Canadian history to earn LEED Platinum certification for Neighbourhood Development.
  • Canadian energy saving prowess

    GRESB reveals Canadian energy saving prowess

    Sixteen Canadian organizations accounted for more than 337,000 megawatt-hours or nearly 42 per cent of electricity savings tallied in North America, while 162 GRESB participants in the United States delivered the remainder.