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Shigeru Ban

REMI Network

Vancouver building to be Shigeru Ban’s tallest

Pritzker Prize winning architect Shigeru Ban is planning to design his tallest structure ever for Vancouver’s Coal Harbour neighbourhood.

Building Strategies & Sustainability

How EPDs factor into building standards

CSA Group’s Rick Lacoboni explains the purpose of EPDs and how they come into play in various building standards.
illegal wood

Building Strategies & Sustainability

The benefits of engineered wood

Peter Moonen of the Canadian Wood Council explains how engineered wood products can enhance the performance of a building.
Glass Buildings

Building Strategies & Sustainability

Creating high-performance curtain walls

Curtain walls performance can be increased by evaluating the system as a whole, rather than looking at the performance of each component.

Canadian Property Management

‘Nutrition labelling’ for building products

The Health Product Declaration (HPD) open standard was developed to provide support for evaluating products ...

Design Quarterly

Health advocacy

A collective effort is underway to develop a Health Product Declaration, which is aimed at creating a consistent format for reporting product content ...

Building Strategies & Sustainability

Green from the outside-in

There has been an incredible explosion of products and services available to those looking to create environmentally advanced buildings. Here is an update on innovative green products for the building exterior.

Construction Business

Optimizing performance – Extending the service life of concrete structures

Many people think of concrete as a durable, long-lasting material; however, the past 40 years has shown it might be otherwise.

Canadian Property Management

From rocky relations to common ground

A new voluntary standard, SERA, will enable developers of green projects to specify certified aggregates and/or help them to identify ...