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Proactive sustainable repairs for aging assets

Opportunities to transform existing buildings into more energy efficient assets arise when forming a capital plan and thinking long-term.

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MURBs in on new and improved CDM programs

Toronto Hydro is promising some perks for the multi-residential sector as part of its effort to reduce customers' electricity consumption by nearly 1.6 million megawatt-hours (MWh) before 2021.

Building Strategies & Sustainability

Energy conservation critics rely on niche study

A new report questioning the cost-effectiveness of Ontario's energy conservation programs extrapolates from a 2015 U.S. study to make its case, even though one of the co-authors of that study has warned readers not to draw wider inferences from her work.
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How to start an energy-saving campaign

A property manager walks through how condo boards can combat rising utility bills by starting an energy-saving campaign.

Building Strategies & Sustainability

$2-billion GHG abatement fund set for 2017-18

The commercial real estate sector is primarily an indirect beneficiary of allocations in the 2016-17 federal budget, but the announcement of a pending $2-billion fund to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions could hold more promise.

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BOMA BEST 3.0 will soft launch this summer

Applicants wishing to certify to the BOMA BEST 3.0 standard can expect to do so this summer, ahead of BOMA Canada’s official launch at BOMEX 2016.

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Morguard releases 2015 Sustainability Report

Measurable reductions in energy, water and waste are a highlight of Morguard's recent 2015 Sustainability Report.
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No green retrofit incentive for Quebec landlords

Quebec's largest rental housing association asks why the apartment sector has been excluded from the newly announced RénoVert refundable tax credit program to promote residential energy efficiency upgrades.

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Energy efficiency standards to follow U.S. lead

Forthcoming updates to product performance requirements will be the first regulatory amendments since Natural Resources Canada and the U.S. Department of Energy signed an agreement aimed at harmonizing the two counties' energy efficiency standards and test procedures for rating equipment efficiency.
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BOMA T.O. informs future energy reporting law

BOMA Toronto updates industry on Bill 135, the proposed energy reporting and benchmarking regulationm after speaking at recent government hearings.

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ROXUL headquarters celebrates LEED Gold

The North American headquarters of ROXUL Inc. has just earned LEED Gold certification.
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No contesting Earth Hour Challenge momentum

The commercial real estate sector's participation in Earth Hour leverages friendly competition to promote the potential for long-term energy savings.
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How to ensure hydronic heating system efficiency

In order for hydronic heating systems to run efficiently, system components have to be matched and sized correctly, while ongoing maintenance is key.
A variety of low, medium and high rise social housing types in north London, England.High rise apartments tower over local authority housing and flats amidst a splash of green trees. The tower blocks are lit by the evening sun against a backdrop of ominous black storm clouds

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Tenant blowback hits heat recovery ventilation

Recent data analysis from the United Kingdom's Building Performance Evaluation program questions the suitability of some types of energy-saving technology for affordable housing projects.
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A window into better building envelopes

The building envelope can truly make or break energy-efficiency efforts. Major systems improvements may help, but those savings could fly out the window.

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More acclaim for Seattle multifamily project

Seattle's Stack House Apartments have earned an ASHRAE Technology Award for the engineer behind the multifamily project's innovative and energy-efficient building systems.
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Montreal firm wins ASHRAE Technology Award

Nicolas Lemire, president and principal of the Montreal based engineering firm, Pageau Morel and Associates, has been named one of five North American recipients of an ASHRAE Technology Award for innovative building design.