Fort McMurray


Property Disaster Management at Fort McMurray

Two months after the Fort McMurray wildfires began, they were deemed under control thanks to the efforts of responders, including FirstOnSite Restoration.

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CPVC Fire Sprinkler Retrofits can Save Buildings

Fire sprinkler retrofits can minimize damage and save lives when upgrading older buildings that may have once been up to fire code, but are now outdated.


Regina condo fire destroys three units

Regina Fire & Protective Services (RF&PS) Investigators recently completed an investigation into a fire that occurred late on March 20, 2016. The fire, which destroyed
fire safety act

REMI Network

British Columbia revamps outdated fire safety act

British Columbia’s fire safety act is getting the most substantial overhaul it has ever had since 1979 with the introduction of modernized legislation.
Smoke at sky of morning city. Big fire at apartment house.

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Post-Fire Restoration

For residents of a three-storey apartment building in North Vancouver, December 7th, 2011 was just like any other day—that is, until a fire broke out

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Rooming house fire highlights safety concerns

The recent rooming house fire in Toronto's Kensington Market highlights the importance of fire safety and bringing illegal rooming houses up to code.
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Hot new trends for fire alarm systems

Advancements in fire alarm tech can better protect occupants and property, reduce expenses and help building management maintain their systems.

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Fires in multi-suite residential dwellings

The NRC recently completed a study that provides a better understanding of how fires develop and spread ...