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How to plan for summer floods in Canada

The way to best protect properties from summer flooding is to develop and follow a well-thought out disaster plan, customized to the facility's location.
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REMI Network

Water damage standard gets French version

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) has released a French translation of its water damage restoration standard.

Building Strategies & Sustainability

Green infra’s impact on flooding underrated

More performance data on the benefits of green stormwater infrastructure in extreme weather events is needed as it may be more effective than thought.
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In the Wake of a Flood

On July 8, 2013, the GTA was hit was with a torrential rainstorm. Flood damage was deemed the province’s most expensive natural disaster by the

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Infrastructure grapples with climate change

Sustainable leaders in the industry are encouraging municipalities and building owners to grapple with climate change and protect the value of assets.
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Canadian Property Management

8 Winter Maintenance Tips

Canadian winters are no walk in the park. From gusting winds and snow squalls to plunging temperatures and heavy snow falls, the weather this time of year can be hard to predict—and hard on buildings. But there are a few steps property managers can take to guard against the potential damages of extreme weather...
Alberta Flood

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Alberta prepares flood management strategies

Alberta has undertaken proactive flood management strategies to prepare for potential disasters due to snow melt, in the wake of last year's floods.
Snow melt

Canadian Apartment Magazine

Prevent flooding caused by snow melt

What steps can property owners take to prevent flooding caused by snow melt? Kevin Wong of the Canadian Institute of Plumbing & Heating explains.
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Canadian Apartment Magazine

10 tips to prevent frozen and burst pipes

Frozen and burst pipes can cause major damage to residential buildings. But landlords can take simple yet effective steps to prevent damage from occurring.

Canadian Facility Management & Design

What a rise in extreme weather means for FMs

The rise in extreme weather events means that facility managers need to be prepared to deal with everything from floods to ice storms.

Building Strategies & Sustainability

Cleaning chemicals create post-flood hazards

Cleanup of flood damaged properties must be approached with a knowledge of chemistry so that the cleaning ...

Canadian Property Management

Emergency preparedness and prevention

This Real Estate Executive Video Series video report discusses emergency preparedness and prevention in the wake of the flooding in Calgary and Toronto. Commentator: Oxford Properties' Andrew McAllan.

Canadian Facility Management & Design

Protecting facilities from nature with nature

Toronto's Evergreen Brick Works is located in the floodplain of the Don River. What green design features help mitigate flood risk during severe weather? Evergreen's COO, Seana Irvine, explains.


Maintenance plays a part in disaster prevention

Why did some Toronto condos weather the severe thunderstorm on July 8 better than others? Lucian Oboroceanu of FirstService Residential weighs in.

Canadian Property Management

Toronto floods expose vulnerable infrastructure

Flooding and power outages following an intense storm in Toronto last week give heed to long-standing concerns about ...

Canadian Apartment Magazine

Residential managers troubleshoot in flood zone

Emergency plans should account for tenants' potential lack of preparedness and their need for information when ...

Canadian Property Management

Calgary managers turn to their emergency plans

Theory became reality for many of Calgary's building owners and managers late last week as flood waters ...