Health and Safety

floor finish

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The value of applying a floor finish

Some facilities no longer apply protective finishes to floors due to time, cost and environmental issues. Here are some healthy and manageable options.
chemical labelling

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Saskatchewan upgrades chemical labelling

Saskatchewan’s chemical labelling system will soon align with a new world-wide standard.
radon testing


Why radon testing should be on your radar

After smoking, radon exposure is the next leading cause of lung cancer. An expert walks through radon testing and mitigation strategies.

Canadian Apartment Magazine

Pesticide blamed in Fort McMurray tragedy

After pesticide claims baby’s life and hospitalizes four kids, their Fort McMurray property manager reacts to worst nightmare
Construction Cranes

Construction Business

New test for mobile crane operators

An industry committee led by the Asia Pacific Gateway Skills Table (Skills Table) is advancing the development of a voluntary, Canada-wide demonstration of skills test


Tree management tips for extreme weather

The past year has seen several storm events that have resulted in significant damage to trees in southern Ontario. The ice storm that hit the
Office Design

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How to set an ergonomic purchasing standard

Office ergonomic assessments are, without doubt, an integral part of any ergonomics program; however, in some instances, no matter how thorough the assessment, musculoskeletal injuries


A flurry of red-tagged emergency generators

When last winter’s ice storm walloped Toronto days before Christmas and knocked out power in parts of the city for upwards of a week, it


Study shows benefits of smoke-free buildings

A new study shows smoke-free buildings with policies requiring residents to butt out reduce exposure to harmful airborne contaminants in multi-unit housing.
Gavin Bajin, Director of Business Services, ServiceMaster Clean

Canadian Facility Management & Design

The value of a healthy office

Gavin Bajin, Director of Business Services, ServiceMaster Clean, explains the benefits of a ‘clean” program – from ‘green’ cleaning products and occupant health, to the equipment and methods needed to effectively remove germs and bacteria from the workplace.

Canadian Facility Management & Design

Ergonomic workstation guidelines

Taking an ergonomic approach to setting up a workstation simply involves looking at how each employee works. The two main areas to focus on are the office chair and work surface/desk.

Construction Business

Protection against work-related diseases

Preventing disease is a unique challenge for today’s businesses because unlike regular jobsite hazards, workers don't know if they’ve breathed in harmful toxins until they get sick years later.

Canadian Property Management

Dashboards show buildings’ real-time energy use

Five high resolution digital screens prominently placed in the elevator lobbies of Royal Bank Plaza's two downtown Toronoto office towers show the buildings’ real-time electricity use and compare it to past performance.

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Reducing the risk of Legionella

Any water source in a building that can be aerosolized may be a Legionella risk, particularly where the water is dirty, remains still or is not exposed to a ...

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Rise up

Studies examining the effectiveness of implementing ceiling lifts have found decreases in injury rates, decreases in workers’ compensation claims, perceived decreases in the risk of injury and improved morale with a decrease in absenteeism.

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The ergo impact of IT on health care

Are today’s health care professionals at greater risk for repetitive strain injuries and other musculoskeletal problems than their predecessors? Yes, says Adam Labelle, an associate ergonomist with workplace furniture and accessories ...

Design Quarterly

Health advocacy

A collective effort is underway to develop a Health Product Declaration, which is aimed at creating a consistent format for reporting product content ...