Health & Safety

fire safety

Canadian Facility Management & Design

Ontario invests in fire safety improvements

Ontario will invest $6.5 million in improving the fire safety of community service agencies for some of the province’s most vulnerable people.
Olympic host cities

REMI Network

Heat shrinks future pool of Olympic host cities

Health researchers project that Calgary and Vancouver will be among just three suitable North American locations to host the Summer Olympics by 2085 due to the risks of outdoor activities in intense heat.
building evacuation

Canadian Facility Management & Design

Using technology for safe building evacuations

An expert highlights how new systems help first responders deploy their resources more efficiently during building evacuations.
cleaning gloves

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Best practices for wearing cleaning gloves

Wearing gloves may safeguard skin from chemicals and other hazardous substances, but they don’t necessarily offer complete protection.
heat-related illness

Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

How to protect workers from heat-related illness

With summer in full swing, employers must be wary of protecting workers from heat-related illnesses.
chemical labelling

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U.S. passes landmark chemical safety bill

United States President Barack Obama signed into law a new bill that will overhaul the way chemical substances are regulated in the U.S.
emergency plan

Canadian Facility Management & Design

How to create an emergency plan for facilities

This is why building managers should have an emergency plan in place. Besides potentially helping to save lives, it can reduce damage and minimize downtime.
Fort Mac

Canadian Property Management

Fort McMurray landlords monitor fire from afar

Nearly $2 billion worth of commercial and industrial properties are primarily located outside the fire zone, downtown or in the north part of the city.
remove graffiti

Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

Remove graffiti fast to prevent future tagging

An expert offers tips on how to prevent building vandalism, suggesting the best method is to remove graffiti fast to avoid future tagging.

Building Strategies & Sustainability

U.K. doctors predict new indoor air pollutants

Burgeoning technologies may also come with unforeseen environmental contaminants and health impacts warns a new study from the United Kingdom's Royal College of Physicians.
uvgi technology

Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

UVGI technology emerges in infection control

UVGI technology is emerging as an effective tool in the fight against healthcare-acquired infections in Canadian hospitals.
Cleaning Supplies

Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

Share spaces, not germs, in collaborative offices

The new collaborative office seems to be the answer to improved productivity and innovation; however, it introduces new issues of office cleanliness.
Small Office

Canadian Facility Management & Design

The ergonomic hazards of hoteling stations

Hoteling stations come with not only financial benefits but ergonomics hazards. Experts explain how to ensure the safe use of shared desks.


Conviction in worker deaths not enough: council

The Provincial Building and Construction Trades Council of Ontario says a recent conviction in construction worker deaths is only a partial deterrent.
winter safety tips for condo managers


Five winter safety tips for condo managers

December has been seasonably mild, so winter safety tips may not be top of mind for condo managers. But now is a good time to prepare for coming weather.


Spate of condo blazes sparks safety campaign

A spate of condo blazes in Alberta has reignited conversations about the perennial fire safety risk posed by cigarettes in multi-residential buildings.
building safety hazards

Canadian Apartment Magazine

Foreseeable safety hazards spell liability

Beyond the occupier's duty of care — a responsibility that property owners bear toward inhabitants, visitors and trespassers — landlords are also employers subject to health and safety regulations.