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Calgary buildings dominant in IAQ awards

Recipients of the National Air Filtration Association sponsored awards must provide details of the steps they've taken to improve air filtration and HVAC system hygiene.
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Ensuring indoor air quality in existing buildings

Property managers must balance tenant satisfaction, building operations and sustainability trends when monitoring indoor air quality.
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How to nip indoor allergens in the bud

Do allergens affect indoor air quality? ServiceMaster Canada's director of business services, Gavin Bajin, weighs in.

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Ventilation for acceptable air quality

The most recent edition of ASHRAE standard 62.1 specifies 17 cubic feet per minute of fresh air per occupant as the minimum acceptable ventilation level ...


How to combat IAQ problems

Today, it’s not enough to understand building maintenance; property managers need to also understand the need to maintain a building’s supply of healthy air. And the best way to learn to combat poor indoor air quality is to follow these three ...

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Measures to improve indoor air quality

There are many inexpensive, preventative measures that building managers and residents can take to improve the air they breathe.