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Canadian Property Management

Lights, cameras, repurpose

Although many of Toronto's historic theatres have closed, a significant number have new lives as party venues, retail stores and even fitness centres.

Building Strategies & Sustainability

A sustainable community in Canada’s capital

An abandoned industrial site in the backdrop of Canada's Parliament Buildings could transform into a sustainable mixed-use community midstream in the Ottawa River.

Canadian Property Management

Ontario’s cottage rental market evolving

Property managers say demands are shifting in Ontario’s cottage rental market. Today many renters expect a resort-like atmosphere.
active businessman riding a bicycle on the way to job

Building Strategies & Sustainability

Case study: tenants are the key to saving energy

Oxford Properties has launched an engagement campaign to teach its tenants energy conservation techniques.
open air mall

Canadian Property Management

The rise of open-air shopping in Canada

Canada has seen a surge in open-air shopping development, particularly in the outlet sector. Analysts expect this trend to heat up even more.

Canadian Property Management

Drones in real estate are now a reality

The use of drones in real estate sales and marketing is not just a gimmick. Videos and images can help show off a property and offer unique perspectives.