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Proposed lighting requirements for high-rises

Lighting requirements for high-rise dwellings in the energy standard published by ASHRAE and the IES is open for industry comment until April 24.
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Canadian Facility Management & Design

Three highlights of switching to LED fixtures

LED technology has become a simple, most cost-effective way to not only cut operating costs, but also measurably reduce environmental impact.


The right lights for parking garages

What is the most energy-efficient lighting for a condominium parking garage? Provident Energy Management's Jennifer Young weighs in.

Building Strategies & Sustainability

Lighting efficiency on the agenda for 2014

A previously postponed phase-out of incandescent light bulbs is set to go in most Canadian provinces in 2014.

Design Quarterly

Designing with LEDs

With advancements in technology, LEDs are beginning to produce better light quality and offer true colour rendition.
Richard Assaly, Paul Wybrow

Design Quarterly

Shining bright

This video report looks at lighting trends for 2013. Commentators: Richard Assaly, owner of LightForm Inc., and Paul Wybrow, owner of the Accend Group.
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Canadian Facility Management & Design

LED lighting retrofit

To get the greatest value out of a LED lighting retrofit, ask about a manufacturer’s product testing, quality control and sustainability practices.

Canadian Property Management

Street light conversion projects underway

Shrinking payback periods for LED streetlights are helping to make the business case for large-scale conversions in many Canadian municipalities.

Canadian Facility Management & Design

Saying goodbye to T12 fluorescents

Since the first Canadian energy efficiency regulation that phased out a handful of inefficient general service fluorescent lamps (GSFL) was introduced in 1995, there has been steady progress in the availability of more efficient lighting solutions ...