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Ontario ups efforts to close gender wage gap

Ontario is moving forward on closing the gender wage gap, using recommendations listed in the Gender Wage Gap Steering Committee's final report.
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Does the rental industry have an image issue?

A recent survey conducted by FRPO sheds light on the public's ambivalent attitude toward the rental housing industry and the Ontario Government's policies shaping it

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Ontario makes headway in cap-and-trade system

Ontario is moving forward with its commitment to a cap-and-trade system through proposed changes to reporting regulations and draft guidelines.

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Ontario invests in northern tourism development

Ontario is investing $1 million in a northern waterfront development project to enhance amenities and attractions that will ultimately increase tourism. With funds provided from
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Brampton courthouse to receive major expansion

The Ontario government has committed to funding a state-of-the-art addition for the A. Grenville and William Davis Courthouse in Brampton, Ont. in order to meet the needs of a growing population in the region. The first two floors of the expansion will add new courtrooms, support spaces, judicial chambers and jury courtrooms. The remaining four floors will be reserved for future developments.