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Canadian energy saving prowess

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GRESB reveals Canadian energy saving prowess

Sixteen Canadian organizations accounted for more than 337,000 megawatt-hours or nearly 42 per cent of electricity savings tallied in North America, while 162 GRESB participants in the United States delivered the remainder.


Record high B.C. home sales expected for 2017

A recent forecast from the BCREA finds residential sales are expected to jump 10.4 per cent to 113,000 units this year, surpassing the previous record.
Real estate status

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Real estate status upgrade heralds new investors

The reclassification from an industry group within the financials sector formally occurs on September 1, and will also introduce a new term for real estate investment trusts (REITs), which will become known as Equity REITs.
green properties

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Retail results tinge green properties in Q2

Green properties account for slightly less than 29 per cent of assets in the total REALpac/IPD Canada property index, but, with a value of $67.3 billion, equate to 48.6 per cent of its capital value.
condo market


Housing affordability driving GTA condo market

What does the rise of detached home prices mean for the condo market? An expert explains how this trend is heating up competition in the high-rise segment.
Real estate investment

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Pension funds primed for real estate investment

Prominent asset managers for Canadian pension funds appear poised to take an even bigger position in the commercial real estate market.


Supply of new condo units drops to six-year low

According to a new Urbanation report, there were 7,731 new condo units sold in the GTA during Q2-2016, a 26 per cent increase year-over-year.
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National home sales continue to decline: CREA

Canadian home sales fell 1.3 per cent from June to July 2016, marking the third consecutive month of declines, according to data released by the CREA.

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Broadening Your Financial Perspective

If you’re interested in becoming a Certified Property Manager, learning about the financial tools involved with investment real estate is on the agenda.

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Real estate investment data standards adopted

A new standardized approach for collecting, measuring and interpreting real estate investment performance data responds to the ever widening scope of global portfolios and institutional investors' need for transparency and cross-border consistency.

REMI Network

Investors gain view on Canadian property funds

Canadian open-ended property funds have been formally added to the IPD Global Property Fund Index following two quarters of consultative performance tracking.
property transfer tax


New property transfer tax makes waves

An additional property transfer tax aimed at stemming the tide of foreign investment in residential real estate has made immediate waves in Metro Vancouver.

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Low supply curbs Toronto apartment deals

Multifamily is the only commercial property sector that has not yet surpassed the $1 billion threshold for sales volume thus far in 2016.
LaSalle Canada CEO

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John McKinlay named LaSalle Canada CEO

John McKinlay has been named chief executive officer of LaSalle Canada, coming to the post with 20+ years of experience in real estate investment management.

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Ethics and Good Decision-Making in Real Estate

“Leadership has an ethical core, and ethics means not just making good decisions, but leading others in making good decisions.” – Chris MacDonald, Founding Director

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Toronto market readies for new office space

Toronto's downtown office vacancy rate sits at 6.3 per cent midway through 2016, while the 8.4 per cent availability rates reflects tenants preparing future moves to the more than 3.5 million square feet of new office space now under construction.
environmental performance indicators

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Environmental performance indicators surveyed

A companion metric to the Global Real Estate Transparency Index, the Sustainability Transparency Index uses a different scoring system tied to the availability of voluntary or compulsory methods of demonstrating a building's energy and environmental performance.