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Building Strategies & Sustainability

Outreach from the forefront of sustainability

Canada Green Building Council president and CEO, Thomas Mueller, outlines the agenda for this year's national conference and exposition.
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Building Strategies & Sustainability

2015 GRESB results plot improved green status

Results for 2015, released Sept. 2, provide an overview of 707 real estate organizations encompassing 61,000 properties worldwide, collectively valued at U.S. $2.3 trillion.

Canadian Property Management

Industrial sector a ‘recognized stable investment’

Construction and investment in industrial buildings, along with their ongoing operations, contribute $21.7 billion to Canada’s economy, according to the Real Property Association of Canada’s

Canadian Property Management

Retail real estate supports Canadian economy

The Real Property Association of Canada (REALpac) estimated that the contributions of the retail real estate sector to the Canadian economy in 2013 was a
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REMI Network

Real estate market concerns senior execs: report

Senior executives in various commercial asset classes face ongoing concerns regarding the future success of Canada’s real estate market, according to recently released Q4 results

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Some progress in cutting commercial tax rates

Commercial tax rates in Toronto and Montreal continue on inverse trajectories even though ratepayers in both cities carry a disproportionately higher share of the overall