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Safeguarding a non-profit condo’s status

A non-profit condo corporation could lose its status if it generates income from activities that are not incidental to its overall non-profit activities.
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Toronto’s land transfer tax remains unscathed

Despite vocal opposition from the real estate industry, attempts to reduce the Toronto land transfer tax in the 2014 budget have failed.

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Property tax inequity in Vancouver

Unsustainable property tax rates in Vancouver favour residential owners over businesses.
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Industry group slams “unworkable” parking levy

A report released by a real estate industry coalition warns of the negative impact a proposed parking levy would have on the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA).

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Saskatchewan property values jump

Across the province, property values increased an average of 67 per cent upon the recent reassessment ...

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Re-evaluating stormwater run-off costs

Advocates for the commercial real estate industry are united in opposition to a suggested new formula for calculating Toronto’s stormwater service charges.

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Rising municipal fees

Construction companies know how important it is to control costs. However, British Columbia’s municipalities don’t seem to share the same sentiment. Municipal government is costing ...
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Legal update

This video report provides a legal update on recent legislative challenges and court rulings. Commentators: Deacon Spears Fedson & Montizambert's John Deacon and Miller Thomson's Marko Djurdjevac.

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Austerity delays equity

The Ontario government has halted promised property tax relief for commercial and industrial ratepayers in Toronto, Hamilton and several other municipalities with a higher than
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Taxing times

This video report addresses how to handle the impact of the HST. Commentators: Brookfield Residential's Dean McCabe, Halsall Associates' Sally Thompson and CG Maintenance's Richard Senechal.