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Radon in buildings is a major health concern

Radon in buildings is a significant health concern recognized by Health Canada and the World Health Organization. According to Health Canada, approximately 16 per cent

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BOMA launches new sustainable certification

BOMA Canada has launched BOMA BEST Sustainable Workplaces to help buildings improve key performance indicators.
Canada's Greenest Employers

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Canada’s Greenest Employers named for 2016

A new list of Canada’s Greenest Employers for 2016 includes companies that have built environmental values into their workplace culture.

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Canadian business cost competitiveness ranked

Mexico and Canada offer the most competitive combination of costs for facilities, utilities, tax, transportation and labour among 10 countries recently surveyed for their amenability to international business.
Task chairs

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When to replace task chairs in the workplace

An expert proposes to close the gap in guidelines regarding how to assess the ongoing performance of ergonomic task chairs after they enter the workplace.
Gen Z

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Preparing the workplace for Gen Z

If organizations want to be ready when Gen Z enters the workforce five years from now, it’s time to start designing with this demographic cohort in mind, says Kay Sargent.

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Morguard releases 2015 Sustainability Report

Measurable reductions in energy, water and waste are a highlight of Morguard's recent 2015 Sustainability Report.
office premises

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Office premises as organizational promoter

Rarely do non-profit organizations look upon their premises as a vehicle to promote their identity, culture and purpose, but they should.
gender equality

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Push for gender equality in CRE industry

The struggle for gender equality in the Canadian workplace is a matter of priority as recent studies reveal a lack of women in corporate leadership roles.

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Change management for shifting demographics

The demographic shifts happening in the workplace, particularly those expected in the next five years, are one of many reasons to do change management.
Integrated workplace management systems

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New gen of IWMS targets facilities challenges

A guide to the who, what and why of rolling out the latest generation of integrated workplace management systems (IWMS).
Best Managed Companies

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Best Managed Companies praises real estate

Nine real estate companies across Canada have been named among 50 winners of Deloitte’s 2015 Canada’s Best Managed Companies awards program.
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“Tech” company workplace design trends

The rise of the disruptive upstart has ushered in a second wave dotcom era, and it has implications for workplace design trends beyond the tech sector.

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U.K. doctors predict new indoor air pollutants

Burgeoning technologies may also come with unforeseen environmental contaminants and health impacts warns a new study from the United Kingdom's Royal College of Physicians.

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Property and facilities job growth signalled

A cross-Canada human resources study reveals nearly 35 per cent of surveyed property/facilities employers expect to add more staff this year, and nearly 57 per cent are anticipating a pickup in business activity.
mental health

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Canada’s workplaces lack mental health strategy

Real estate sector among a few industries more likely to have implemented a mental health strategy into its workplace.

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Leadership development termed vital expense

When it comes to leadership development, bigger companies aren’t always better, states the Conference Board of Canada’s first leadership benchmarking study.